ProvenTherapy Newsletter - January 2014 - page 2.

New Year Resolution!

Rodica Mihalis

Congratulations for making a New Year's Resolution! As we know 45% of American do, but only 8% are successful at keeping it (University of Scranton -12/13/2013 www.

What do the successful people differently? How could more people achieve their goals??? Could you be one of them, just for following these easy steps.

Here's an unscientific thought that crossed my mind: Perhaps lot of us don't make Resolutions (promises to ourselves) for fear we fail. Let's try to improve the number of people who achieve their personal goals by following these easy steps. It may, or may not but it does not hurt to try. Just as in medicine, the rule number one: do no harm!

To be successful at keeping our resolution, doesn't seem to be the problem. The duration of time, however, is. For instance, 75% of the people who make New Year's resolutions keep them for one week. Conclusion, IT IS POSSIBLE!!!

The numbers, however, go down, down, down, 46%of the people who made a New year's Resolution are still on track after six months! Conclusion: Just making a resolution puts you ahead of the game, as compared to the people who made NO resolution!!! In other words, just KNOWING WHERE you want to "arrive" makes you a winner!

Here are some tips that may help you...

1. Keep it simple. Making too many, or unreasonable resolutions could be overwhelming, and it sets you for ... shall we say, a delay in  reaching your goal.
2. Take the words "I try, may be, I hope, never " out of your MIND's vocabulary and think as if you are already there! Self-talk is very powerful. Have faith in yourself!  
3. Have realistic goals. For instance if I set as a goal to be an opera singer, that would never happen! God  didn't bless me with the gift of a good singing voice. However, if my goal would be to write a  second book by the end on 2014, that would be reasonable.
4. Take small steps.Only in the Olympics people jump that far or that high. Nothing happens overnight, without effort,at once. We, take small steps to finally reach a big goal.
5. Be specific. For example (and I refer to "Enjoy Life"of the University of Scranton's Top Ten most popular New Year's Resolutions List) what does that mean to you, is not what it means to me or your friend.)

Given the law of privacy, I'll give my own example, as I am certain I will not complain against myself.

My 2014 goal is to use more make up when I go out. It may sound strange to most, but it is a resolution for me. In addition to holding a Master's in Counseling and Clinical Psychology and a B.A in English and Romanian, I  was the owner  of a Wellness Center in PA. I am a licensed esthetician, I am allowed to give people skin treatments, and beauty treatments, including applying make up. I know the value of first impressions. It is scientifically proven that the first ten seconds after we see someone are crucial. Let's face it, who doesn't want to make a good first good impression? Obviously me :)

A few ways to make it easy... Write it down! Use journals or vision boards to measure your progress. Take a partner, share with someone your resolution and PLAN.

HAPPY 2014!!!!!


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